​​​​​​​​​​​The best care for your pets call  Diana Weston 

​Defra UK Registered  Pet Transport with bases in

​Murcia, Barcelona, Brighton, Harrogate

The German Sheperd what a fantastic dog I love transporting these so Inteligent 

Transporting your Rottweiler adopting or buying a dog good with kids from a puppy

We take our pet transportation services very seriously. Rest assured when you travel your pets are secure in the care of experienced, trustworthy pet carriers. Our pet relocation team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your pet has the most comfortable, stress free travel experience possible.

We Have Defra Certified Vehicles which also Have Insulated Rears with Dual Aircon And High Speed Fans For Super cooling Traveling in More than

40 Degress you have to be prepared and we are .

RAC EUROCOVER and a Back up Van 2 Drivers to Each Van

Time for a grooming?


Check out our Playhouse next door for grooming as well as boarding, daycare and other services!



More News

pick up points and connections over most of Spain and France

drop of points London to Manchester and onward connections to Inverness and Ireland.


We also help sponsor Saint Bernard Rescue in Spain and Uk


our main number

uk        07480 567000

uk        0161 870 6144

Spain  644494055

Training and Information on getting your Saint Bernard

Transporting your Saint Bernard paws transport plenty experience with Large dogs

Animal Courier uk- to Spain to Uk Monthly

Thinking of Adopting or Buying A saint Bernerd watch this good info

Transporting or Adopting Buying a CHOW CHOW great loving dog constant grooming

The Scatty Labrador either super inteligent

or super stupid Lovely dog to transport.


Spain to Uk      OCT 20th   ...   Uk to Spain     OCT 25th
Spain to Uk      NOV 10 th  ...   Uk to Spain    NOV 15th
Spain to Uk      DEC 10TH         UKTO Spain    DEC 15TH
Spain to Uk      Jan 10th           Uk to Spain     Jan 15Th
Spain to Uk      feb 10th            Uk to SPAIN   FEB 15th
Spain to Uk      Mar 10th          Uk ro Spain      March 15th
Spain TO uk     Apr 10th           Uk to Spain      April    15th

Welcome to PawsTransport website we Are Defra Certified Transporters offering Dog Cat Rabbit Transport from Door to Door service by Professional Animal Welfare Authorised staff we do not leave your pet we are a 2 driver Vehicle our sleeper cab is in the back with the Pets we stop every 3 hours and keep you updated on our Facebook page we also offer
Very large xxxl cages specialise in Large breeds and Small dogs and cats we have 20 plus years of European Transport we speak Spanish and French for any International Transfers comes in Handy please call Ian direct on 07480 567 000 for any info or email me or wassap 0034642332236 

Check out our reviews on our Facebook page


The Doberman pinscher good to transport good Guard dogs a 1 person dog Im sure


Defra Authorized Paws pet Transport Services

Transporting a Malamute buying Adopting a Malamute (Alaskan) Pawstransport

Paws Transport Uk & Spain Vip Pet Transport

We are a fully registered Defra Authorized Transport Company 
  We are government authorised animal transporters holders of (type 2). An internationally recognised authorisation to transport animals within the UK, Spain & throughout Europe & the EU for short and long distances. 
Our paws Vehicles have been inspected and approved by  Inpectors de animales  for the Welfare of Animals during Transit & display the authorised Plaques. 
Our preference choice of travel in & out of the UK is with the Euro Tunnel 

we will only use the ferry if tunnels are closed or serious Delays to France

Once in transport we will check the Animals every 2 hours Talk to them and see if they are ok .

also we have rear internal video fans and Air con
We are a "Pet Only" transportation company  
We are Qualified Pet First Aiders & holders of " Pet First Aid" Certificates 
We are well established & have a fantastic relationship with Vets in the UK, France & Spain 

we carry a 4g google mapping system in the van and can locate emergency vets within seconds.
  For your peace of mind we keep you constantly updated on the journey with updates & pictures on our  FACEBOOK page Facebook.com/pawstransport
Regular pet stops with stimulating walks "en route" 
Overnight accommodation in rural Pet friendly accommodation with separate rooms for dogs & cats 
We never leave the pets unattended, we never use the ferries to transport your pets 
Lots of testimonials 
Vehicles are totally customised for your pets safety & comfort 
Our Paws vehicles have rotary vents & twin air conditioning 
Comfortable secure compartments with clear viewing & fitted water containers 
Our vehicles have  privacy glass & perforated vinyl for sun shade 
Our Vehicles are Defra compliant 
Cats compartments are screened away from any dogs for their peace of mind 
We are not separated from your pets in the vehicles & can clearly hear & see them 
Experienced & naturally caring animal loving family company 
Hassle free "door to door" service 
We can obtain all your documentation requirements before Pet Transportation 
We can offer  your pets a unique " Pet Hotel" if you need to board you pets prior to you departing  or arriving in Spain Vip Pet Transport

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ET Travel Scheme Checklist
For animals being prepared in an EU country, you should get an EU pet passport. If you are preparing your animal in a non-EU listed country or territory you will need to obtain an official third country veterinary certificate (apart from Croatia, Gibraltar, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland who also issue pet passports).

DEFRA Pet Travel Documentation


In order to identify your pet (dog, cat or ferret) it must be fitted with a microchip, before initial rabies vaccination is carried out.

The microchip number of the animal must be identical to the microchip number on the pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate.

A tattoo from any country in the world is acceptable providing it has been done at the latest on the 3 July 2011

Rabies vaccination

Your pet (who must be at least 12 weeks old) must be vaccinated against rabies. There is no exemption to this requirement.

The vaccine name and manufacturer as well as vaccination and expiry dates must be recorded in the pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate by a registered vet (signature and stamp is required).

There is no exemption to this requirement. If you are travelling from EU and listed non-EU countries, the length of the waiting period before entry to the UK is 21 days after the first vaccination date. A waiting period is not required for subsequent entries into the UK, provided rabies boosters are kept up to date. If the vaccination is in two parts the 21 day wait will be from the date of the second vaccination.

Travel to the UK must take place within the current vaccination validity.
Blood test is no longer required if you are entering the UK from EU and listed non-EU countries .

If entering the UK from unlisted non-EU countries a blood sample must be taken at least 30 days after rabies vaccination and the length of waiting period before entry to the UK is three calendar months from the date your vet took the blood sample which led to a satisfactory test result.
Tick treatment(Continent to UK only)
No longer required.
Tapeworm treatment(Dogs only)
Your dog must be treated against tapeworm before travelling to the UK.

Treatment must be administered by a vet not less than 24 hours (1 day) and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before the dog's scheduled arrival time in the UK. Treatment date and time must be recorded by the vet on the pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate.
For the most up-to-date information please visit the DEFRA website .

Paws Transport Spain
Paws Transport France 
Paws Transport Austria
Paws Transport Switzerland 
Paws Transport Monaco
Paws Transport Barcalona
Paws Transport Valencia 
Paws Transport Alicante
Paws Transport UK 
Paws Transport England
Paws Transport Scotland 
Paws Transport Wales 
Paws Transport London pet passport
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Picking a puppy what to look for news from paws transport

Paws transport Animal Courier UK-France-Spain

Spain to Uk Animal Transport

​​​Uk 07480 567000          Spain 6444 94055  

eve Spain 968686466   eve Uk  01618706144

Another loving golden Retriever dog that wants to eat and chew everything in the Van

We are proud to be Sponsors of Saint Bernard Rescue in Murcia Spain we have now taken 8 Large saint Bernards back to the Uk to there forever homes the site can be found on facebook.com/saintbernardrescuespain.com

our official Facebook page 

Pet Transport Uk to Spain


Dodgy online Scammers watch this who not to pay money to 

Transport equipment:  Vip Pet Transport
. We also have  vans and trucks that have been modified keeping the comfort, safety and health of your pet in mind. All vehicles come equipped with:
Special seats & benches
Crates in the rear of the vehicle for secure transport, if needed
Portable steps to ease entering and exiting the vehicles
Stretchers (for sick or injured pets)
First aid kits we are pet Medical experienced Transporters
Oxygen masks & cylinders in Uk Vehicle
GPS for the quickest, safest and most direct routes

Backup Globalstar communications

Vip Pet Transport 

From Scotland to Manchester to London To Spain

all the way through Europe Monthly Service

  • 24 hr Access to vets on route to England & Spain
  • Dogs Cats Rabbits Tortoise 
  • Manchester to Malaga ROUTES Fortnightly
  • Experienced  Drivers 
  • www.pawstrasport.com
  • over 10 years Experience in Animal Transport Services and Animal Rescue
  • monitored cameras in rear
  • temprature controlled vans
  • Online gps Van Position
  • updates to cusomers 3 hourly on Facebook page
  • Spain to UK Border 17 hrs
  • Pick ups in France England
  • Secure dog cages Fitted
  • Secure cat cages  Fitted
  • Experienced dog Handlers
  • Murcia and Alicante PAWS
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  • Pet Animal transport Alicante to Uk
  • Pet Transport Valencia to Uk
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  • paws animal Transport services
  • Defra Compliant l 2 paws 

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​.We realize that your pet is a valued member of the family. When choosing a pet relocation company we know you want the safest, most reliable pet transport available. Whether you're traveling locally to a dog event or moving your household and your pets from one country to the other, our staff will treat your pets like family.

​Our Client Reviews on Facebook

Paws Transport provides safe pet transportation using vehicles equipped with crates and safety belt clips for your pets. Ramps and stretchers are also available in case of especial needs .

Paws Transport Animal Express Couriers Across Europe are now expanding There operations into Spain Germany and France

We know that pets are a beloved part of your family, and that you won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your family. Let Paws Transport help you handle all types of pet transport.

Transporting or Adopting a Newfoundland these are fantasic dogs great swimmers good with kids

 Excellent service throughout Europe, specialising in Costa Blanca Spain and France 

- Fantastic reputation

- Committed to animals


- Established and long serving company

- Passionate about pets we are

- We strive to give top quality service

- All vehicles checked by Freight Transport Association

- Defra    compliant

- Alternate weeks to and from the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca

- Complete door to door service or pre determined meeting points

- Approved travel containers provided

- Regular updates given throughout the journey Paws transport Uk Spain


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